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traveler tips

Travel Tips

Weather / Safety / Clothing / Essential Items  

Mild weather:

Humid and rainy in the mountain areas and dry and warm in the lowlands.

Take care of your personal belongings and be careful in places with a massive concentration of people, in the same way when visiting tourist sites, consult information about the area.

Mountain weather:

It goes from the warm inter-Andean valleys to the rainy cloud forests and the cold paramos.

Remember to be hydrated; Take your bottle of water, body lotion and protective lip balm with you.

Bring SPF 30 or higher sunscreen and insect repellent.

Take extra protection for high temperatures.

It is recommended to review the places where you are going to travel, to wear the correct clothing; Well, you can travel to places of high temperatures or areas of cold and intense humidity. With these elements you can adapt to the diversity of climates.

(OPTIONAL: Bathing suit for the jacuzzi).

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